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This is your challenge and the only person you’re competing against is the old you. That means while we set the target, you can decide on the rules that suit you. If circumstances or fitness dictate you can count every step using a wearable fitness tracker; if you’re keen to get out more and go further, count only walks over and above your usual activity, perhaps using an app on your phone. Whatever suits your level of fitness and ambition, you need to average 2.74 miles per day whatever method you decide on.


This is where it gets competitive and the more you raise to higher you will climb on our leaderboard.


It’s important to celebrate milestones whether it is a miles completed goal or a fundraising target.  Collect your badges and SHOUT ABOUT IT through your social channels, a blog or to us and we will do it for you using our channels.

Feel fabulous 

Most people say they feel a greater sense of self-esteem through walking regularly, two-thirds report greater body confidence and science is almost daily discovering ways in which walking about an hour a day fixes pretty much everything.