There are so many personal benefits to walking.  Most people say they feel a greater sense of self-esteem through walking regularly, two-thirds report greater body confidence and science is almost daily discovering ways in which walking about an hour a day fixes pretty much everything.  Other reasons may be -

  • A fitness goal
  • A daily challenge
  • Doing something new with a family member
  • Walking the dog
  • Reconnecting with friends 
  • Use it as a stepping stone towards a bigger goal

How your support changes lives

Established in 2010, Walking With The Wounded, a military charity for injured veterans in the UK, supports a pathway for vulnerable veterans to re-integrate back into society and sustain their independence.

 We recognise the inherent skills of our armed service personnel and want to complement these qualities, as well as provide support to transfer their skills into the civilian workplace. We offer assistance through our programmes to those vulnerable veterans who have been physically, mentally or socially disadvantaged by their service and assist them in sustaining their independence through new sustainable careers outside of the military. This includes providing support to homeless veterans and veterans in the Criminal Justice System, areas which are too often ignored.

The outcome? Sustainable employment, and independence for them and their families.

To find out more about the ex-servicemen and women you have helped us support through your fundraising click here.

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